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Telephone: 1-844-redkayk (1-844-733-5295)

Encouraging women to reclaim themselves and receive the healing benefits of kayaking.
Just Add Water.

The Red Kayak Institute is dedicated to getting women in transition on the water to experience the healing aspects of kayaking, primarily processing grief through life’s changes.

Why a kayak on the water? Because our connection to water is elemental, from our time in our mother’s womb to our human bodies being 70% water throughout our lives. The immediacy of a kayak to the water brings us closer to what is essential, to our true nature. It is during this time on the water, that we allow things within to surface, and we can let go of what is holding
us back.

As John Muir once said, “Take a good course in water and air, and in the external youth of nature, you might find your own.”

The Red Kayak Institute is a 501(c)3 corporation.

“Reconnecting to nature, nearby and far, opens new doors to health, creativity, and wonder. It is never too late.”
– The Nature Principle, Richard Louv

The 2014 paddling season is underway as Red Kayak Institute Board Members take to the water!

Board Chair and Founder Mary Anne Smrz on her first seasonal paddle on Castle Rock Lake, her home water.


Photo by Dee Beckmann

Photo by Dee Beckmann

Executive Director Jo Szalko tests out a new stretch of the DuPage River for the Cancer Survivor Paddle.

Jo- April

Board Members Dee Beckmann and Colleen Thomas enjoy the warmth of the day on Saguaro Lake, along with Colleen’s new paddling companion, Cooper.

Photo by Audrey Arrington

Photo by Audrey Arrington

We look forward to sharing all our paddling adventures and Red Kayak Institute happenings in 2014!

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